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Wireless Data on Prepaid Cellphones?

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  • Wireless Data on Prepaid Cellphones?

    Anyone know of a prepaid (aka disposable) cell phone provider that offers data? I looked at TracFone and Virgin Mobile but neither mentions data capability

    and no, you can't just use the phone to call an ISP--the service has to have data capability

    I want to put a dial-up server on my system so I can call in to it with a laptop and unlock my doors or check the GPS (in the extremely unlikely event that someone steals my car). Since it will be used very infrequently, it makes little sense for me to add a second line to my current service and then pay for data as well
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    Some phones can be used to just "call up an isp" but the speed is slow! I have ised my old mans old Erricson as a 9600bps modem with Telstra as the ISP (pre paid 6 hrs just for testing purposes).


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      No provider that i know of offers data on their prepaid phones. Tmobile has data plans you can add to your plan. You can get tzones, which is 2.99 for 1 MB or 9.99 unlimited, both are supposed to used for WAP but you can connect it to a laptop, PDA or whatever you want. You will need a phone capable of WAP though. I don't know what provider you have but Check out www. howardforums . com for all things cellular. Good luck.

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