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    I have yet another question that deals with mp3 audio. I was wondering if there is any way to run your mp3 player with your audio head unit. I have a (Clarion ARX9270 connected to a Clarion CDC635 cd changer).The head unit is able to disply text. Is there any way i can have the text from my mp3 player display on my head unit, and be able to control it with my head unit.

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    As far as I know, the only decks that allow AUX input (the only decent decks anyway) are the pioneer, JVC and the panasonic... I don't think that clarion have any way of inputting aux, although sony have a box that you can attach if you have a CD changer that will allow you to connect AUX as well as the changer.. but the changer is a must or it won't work (as far as I know).. clarion may have something like this.. I don't know..

    In any case.. I very highly doubt that you will be able to contol and display information from the computer onto the head deck... we where having this discussion the other day, and as Smilk quite rightly pointed out, companies don't release the information on how their head decks and changers communicate so that other companies can't copy it.. so I would say that there is almost no way that you can get your head deck to communicate to the computer, as there is no info on how the head deck works..