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Whats easier? Touchscreen or not to touchscreen?

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  • Whats easier? Touchscreen or not to touchscreen?

    Well I'm trying to decided on how to input my data. I origionally wanted to go the touchscreen route which would be a lot easier but pretty expensive. Reciently I have though about not using a touchscreen and I was wondering what other people are doing. Instead of a touchscreen I guess I could use a remote of some kind but it would have to be easily accessible and I don't want to have to take my eyes off the road to operate it. I plan on using this computer for everything (gps, mp3s, web, dvds, ect) and a touchscreen would be nice but I would probably end up using a keyboard most of the time so why not save the $200? If anyone has a good touchscreen suggestion (between 5" and 7" only) for a pretty reasonable price please reply.

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    i use a remote only. I do have a mouse i keep under my seat if I really need it. Yes I do all that.. mp3/dvd/gps and even web every so often.

    I've used a touchscreen but I didn't like it. I has always taking my eyes off the road.
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      I've seen someone use a mounted trackball that worked really well too. Fellowes makes a good looking touchpad too for cheap ($12) but I haven't tried it or seen it in action. -> search for "touchpad"

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        I love the touchscreen. Non carputer people always ask me wheres the keyboard and mouse.

        Then I just slap my finger onto the screen. Its true the touchscreen takes your attention away from the road for a second. Obviously dont start doing things while your in heavy traffic. Next Idea I thought of was one of those cirque touchpads..might be good for only $40.
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          gps = touchscreen rocks
          audio/video = remote rocks

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            Hybrid. Use all if possible.

            Touchscreen works very well depending on the ui (ie Copilot 2003 or Arbys Winamp3 skin). The one thing it lacks is shape/texture. You can't feel for the right location. To overcome this, a good ui will be consistent with button placement, and place the most commonly used near corners/edges so you can still kinda feel for the right location without having to look at the screen. Everything will be big or easy to find so that you only need a quick glance if you do ever have to look at the screen.

            Remote - Steering wheel controls to easily adjust volume, switch tracks, switch between software (ie winamp and gps), etc. Program the buttons to do anything you want using girder. You can feel for the keys, and never have to look away from the road.

            Keyboard/trackball - When you need/want all the extra keys/buttons/mouse movement. Used mainly when parked or by the passenger to surf the internet, play games, search for songs/movies, etc. I've used it on occasion at a red light to quickly search for a song using 'j' in winamp.

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              Mines prolly going to be a plain LCD, and then a small button pad for the controls. Then a small USB keyboard tucked away, and a trackpad for mouse needs.

              Once its all setup, id only need the trackpad for adding files and such.


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                I am thinking touchscreen with a software onscreen keyboard and something like a ati remote wonder.


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                  Touchscreens are too expensive, and mice/keyboards are too bulky. I plan on using the Fellowes Glidepoint touchpad thingy.... best of both worlds.


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                      URL just for reference... I picked a random one off Google (you should try it sometime).


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                        Hmm. I was thinking about this driving my car today. On the steering column I could probably mount a Powermate or whatever that usb turney nob is called. It would be primarily for going back and forth on songs cause I flip around a lot. Maybe ill buy a new steering wheel and pimp it out with buttons .


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                          Originally posted by noodles
                          URL just for reference... I picked a random one off Google (you should try it sometime).

                          $47? Go to fellowes homepage, search "touchpad" Try $11 dollars instead. I would post the direct link, but it's terribly long. hope that helps.
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