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radio is a necessity???

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  • radio is a necessity???

    hey, im workin on trickin out my 61 impala and i dont really want to put a radio(cd/tape/mini) in it yet, i think i am going to just jack the sound card into a RF amp and see how that works.

    which leads me to answer another question, if you dont have AUXs on your radio, and FM mod and tape converters are unacceptable, just put a switch on the input to your amp, one way for radio, one way for computer. maybe that would work.

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    First of all, don't use an FM modulator.. I have yet to hear one that sounds anything like the quality of CD.. I mean, even if you listen to the radio right near the radio station it doesn't sound as good..

    The only problem with running a switch as you say is that you can't adjust the levels and you have to provide all the power to the speakers from your amp..

    It is much more advantagous to run everything through your head deck..