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Great ir remote to control mp3car

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  • Great ir remote to control mp3car

    I recently bought and recieved my Packard bell fast media remote from E-Bay. At first it was a pain in the a_ _ to find the right software to controll it. The software it comes with is for 95 users only and is a piece of junk. throw it out and try this.

    First off

    Go to my Freedrive and download all the files.

    The two programs winlirc and Uice are basic freeware and work great with this remote with winlirc you can learn almost any remote. I am not using the pack bell remote but I am using the ir reciever with a small credit card remote that came with a cdplayer i have
    anyway have fun the possibilities are endless
    you can also use this remote program Uice to open any app or use keyboard commands or SHUTDOWN WINDOWS!!!!!!

    If you have comments or question E-Mailme @ [email protected]

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    I second that. I've been using the Packard Bell IR receiver with a small Clarion remote, and it works perfectly. A great deal for just a few bucks, as long as you remember to flush the software that comes with it down the toilet

    Fully custom Linux-based system on an '89 VW GTI 16V Wolfsburg Edition
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    Custom Linux system on an '89 VW GTI 16V Edition One
    Jogdial volume control, Sony joystick, IR remote...
    Used to be the fastest Linux on the road, until all these NOS types came along...


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      I've heard that the reciever that comes with the Fast Media is crap, meaning you have to point the remote directly at it and really close up to get it to work. Have you had any problems?
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        I use the packard bell remote and receiver in both my car and my house, and they both work well. And I use girder3.2 in both places.

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          I've buillt 2 of this IR receiver one year ago it costs to me 5 bucks and is working well in my carputer as well as at home. The soft I 'm using is DRCS one and as remote i'm using my TV remote.


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            I also have this IR and found it to have no problems, except the remote it caame with had a loose button but no biggie because Im using a credit card remote now any who here is a bunch of tutorials for setting up this remote with Girder WinLirc a nICE: