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Wiring into car stereo w/o HU

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  • Wiring into car stereo w/o HU

    I have a stock amp in my car and have a list of all the pins for the input and output of the HU and the amp, howeve, there is one pin for "enable AMP" that comes from the HU. I haven't made the step into purchasing a multimeter to measure anything, but is there any chance anyone knows what signal is being put out through this line? I'm looking to wire in my computer without a HU. Thanks

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    most probably 12v
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      My guess is it's the 12V signal that comes on when the HU is on, to let the amp know to turn on.


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        Yes it's 12v. I have hooked up the remote lead from my amp to the ignition before. Had a deck with a blown power antenna lead.


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          Its a 12v input on amps and most headunits supply about 0.3A current to it when the HU switches on.
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            are you talking about your jeep? if so what year? I'd like to get that pinout list from you if it's 96+
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              Yeah. 2001. I have to run quick, i'll try and remember to post a link for it a little later.