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Epia 5000 Overclocking

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  • Epia 5000 Overclocking

    Well, after having a look at the walk through on how to do it on , I decided to take a whirl at it. Downloaded WinCPUID30c and away I went.

    As this motherboard is apart of my carPC, I can't take a screen shot ATM of it. But ... I do have it running at 666MHz ... 5*133FSB

    You can only change the multiplier via WinCPUID.

    Benifits: Runs smoother and plays DivX's better.

    And the passive cooling on it doesn't feel to be heating up either. Althought that could just be the temp's tonight. Maybe I might wack on a 40mm FAN sometime.

    Illusion: 2.4GHZ P4 @ 3.145GHZ | Gigabyte SINXP1394 | 256meg XMS3500 | SuperGrace 9500Pro

    PajeroPuter: Epia 5000 | 512meg PC-133 RAM | 30gig 5,400rpm HDD | 100w PSU & inverter | 7.5" Super LCD