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Hard Drive Shock Absorbtion

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  • Hard Drive Shock Absorbtion

    Does anyone know how to sheild the hard drive from shock . Can i make a rubber band mount type thing? I also heard that Quantum fireballs have the highest tolerance to shock, is this correct. I also got my LCD screen and hooked it up. If anyone has any questions, feel free to email me

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    I spring mounted mine vertically by putting the springs on long screws and tightening into the HD mounting holes


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      Hard disks are tougher than you might think.. I just mounted mine on the side and put some cushion under the box.. it hasn't stuffed up yet.. and its been many hours of driving now.. the quantums can withstand 100G's when they are on and 400G's when they are off.. so you haven't got much to worry about..


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        Is there a particular brand/model of hard drive that is preferred based upon its ability to withstand shock?


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          Right now it's the Quantum Fireball EX. I'm thinking about getting one due to the fact I need more capacity and the way I have to mount mine.
          My Western Digital Caviar 8.4gb has held up pretty well for the past few months. Its only protection are rubber washers in between the HDD and the mount. Just today I drove 3 miles down a stripped road that's about to be paved and my mp3player didn't skip (err, short out) once the entire time.


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            ive got a 69 chevy..rides like a cloud.
            cussion? where we're going we dont need cussion


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              The Quantum Fireball Hard Drives Model: EL, EX or CR all advertise the feature with their "Shock Protection System"

              I'm using a CR 4.3GB EIDE hard drive and so far, no complaints.