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    Since I don't see the point in paying shipping charges for a computer in a case I'm ordering parts to build my own on e-bay, and I have a couple questions. I have this mainboard on the way ( ) and I'm looking for parts for it, I'm bidding on a Celeron 533 processor w/heat sink/fan, and 128 MB DIMM Chip. That much I'm fairly sure about (yell at me if theres something horibbly, horribly wrong with my selections) and now I'm on the search for a HD, and I have a question, all the brand name HD's I look at are EIDE, where as my mainboard manual says nothing about EIDE, only IDE, I have been looking in the 20 GB range, will I be able to use a EIDE HD? And last but not least, where can I get ahold of a cheap DC-DC PSU that will run this setup plus cd rom, extra fans, etc. Thanks!

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    As far as I know EIDE drives are compatable with IDE motherboards. I have never had a problem with hooking up a new HD to a old MB. I have even hooked up a brand new 80 Gig HD to an OLD 486 MB.

    As for the RAM, with todays prices you should really load up on it, especially since the MB only has 2 slots. With a max of 512MB I would get at least half of that.
    Cheap DC-DC PSU? LOL! I don't think there is such a thing.

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      20+ gig HDs on older comps do not always work without upgrades. I have a 2 year old 500mhz p3 comp from Alienware that wouldnt take a Quantum 40 gig hd. Had to update the bios and all that jazz. I swap that HD out with 7 other older comps, 2 it worked no prob, but 5 needed the update. So, make sure if you are going to get a big HD for an old mobo, that you can get a bios update for it. Sometimes they dont need it, but most of the comps I have lying around needed it for antying over 20.3 gigs.
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