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Carputer / center seat console?

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  • Carputer / center seat console?

    I've decided that in order not to hack up my pristine '93 GMC truck dashboard *joke*, to build a wooden or plexiglass center console to sit on top of the bench seat for my C134 case, soon-to-be Opus supply, and 7" Lilliput screen.

    Anyone try this yet and have any suggestions?

    Actually, no one except for tots ever sits in the middle anyway, and this way, when the pickup dies in the middle of Nebraska, I can grab it all at once to throw into a new beater. I just don't like the idea of a thief having the same idea. The plan is for the screen to slide out on a hidden tray, and the C134 to easily pop out for connecting on top. Who knows, maybe I'll even add cup holders just for grins and to fake'em out!

    I'll post drawings of what I come up with, and pictures later, if anybody else has same problem and is interested.

    Thoughts? Ideas?...
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    Well you can see what happened to my dash...and someone here has made a big console before...
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