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  • inside the console??

    I have been lurking around this site on and off for over a year. I really dig the creativity and energy that goes into some of these projects. I have a 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD and would like to add MP3 capability to it. The main thing that has been stopping me is indecision on where to put the display. I work in a somewhat *****ty part of town and don't want to show anything but the factory stuff.

    Don't know if it's possible, but I was thinking it would be cool if I had a 'floating' display that could be mounted to the dash and stored in the console when not in use. I haven't seen anyone do this, have you? I don't know much about this stuff, but here are some details on what I would like to build:

    -largest touchscreen LCD that could fit in the console. don't know the exact size, but I'm guessing around 6-8". Is 6" acceptable? All I really want to use this for is Winamp and GPS. Also, I guess this would involve making some sort of case similar to a laptop housing.

    Audio Connection
    Ideas?? As I understand it, my options are to use an FM Modulator (easiest but potential for Hiss) or to somehow tap into the head unit (using RCA pre-outs or something about the pinouts). Are there other options? I have the factory head unit and would like to keep it. It does not have any pre-outs. What is involved with the pinout option? How good is the modulator solution?

    Sorry to lay down so many questions. I hope you guys can help with them.



    p.s. Money is not an object. Yeah, right.

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    My LCD is mounted in the passenger visor with Velcro or spring clips. I have it wired as such so that you can simply "unplug" the screen and place it wherever you like.
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      Do you have any pics of this setup? I didn't see any on your site. Is the screen housed in anything?