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98 Lite and 5.1 sound ???

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  • 98 Lite and 5.1 sound ???

    Hey guys, I could really use some help on this one. I want to run 98 lite as my OS. It looks cool and has an impressive trim of the "digital fat" that comes with windows. Here the thing, Im looking over the EPIA M manual today and it says that win 98 does not support 5.1 sound output and that with out that , hooking my S/PDIF into my Dolby Surround Processor will be a waste of time. Some one please tell me that this is not true
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    I don't know about 98 Lite, but I do believe Win98 doesn't support 5.1. That's why I went with XP.


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      If you are going digital pass-through it should work. I think that it won't do if you are doing on-board decoding with analog out from your sound card/ MB.
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