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  • Playstation 2 Linux Box Carputer

    I have wanted to do a carputer for a while now, but i finally have the resources now. I have a 95 Jetta Gl, manual of course, 2 litre, looking for a vr6 to drop(whoot!). I have a good little sound system, some good rims and a good lowering job, and now its time for the carputer.

    i was thinking about bondo'ing in a 6-7" widescreen lcd into the dash, and just puting my ps 2 under a seat powered by a 300w ac inverter. for now it would just be a ps2 for madden 2004(big whooooot!), but later on, maybe getting the linux kit for the ps2 and doin that.

    my question is has anyone tried this, and also would wifi be possible? is this a good idea/solution and what problems might this hit?

    i would like to do it but i want to make sure its gonna be the bomb. I am sort of a perfectionist. I am kind of a linux guy, so maybe i could write some of mine own stuff for the car, but i wnat to know if anyone knows the linux capabilities of the ps2.

    thanks for your help guys. great site, your all very smart and never cease to impress me with your installs. all very talented.

    also, what lcd should i get? no more than 400, video quality is super important, touch screen is not really a priotiy/neccessity, along with of course vga, as the ps2 has rca outputs.

    also also, do ac inverters vary in quality? or should i just get this 40 dollar 300 watt rocker fosgate?

    thanks again,

    edit: I live in the us, and i dont like buying out of the country..but i will if i have too. i don't think my card works internationally so it would require some "fondongling". another question, how are most lcds powered? i doubt that ends up going threw the power inverter but rather straight to the cars 12v, correct?

    i feel like a man of many questions. again thanks guys.