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Clarion Marine, Aux In? Other Marine options?

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  • Clarion Marine, Aux In? Other Marine options?

    Hey guys...

    I have a bit of a problem...

    I use my Ipaq 5450 with 1GB Microdrive as a "small scale" MP3 computer in my Jeep... the Ipaq works great because I just take it out when I leave and it's not a problem... and I can then plug headphones in when I'm away from the car

    Now, at the moment it is hooked up to an FM Transmittor through the stock stereo system which gets the job done but to be honest sounds crap if you've got the roof off...

    Which leads me to the next issue... Because I run with the roof off 95% of the time (I'm extremely fortunate that crime is low and weather is good out in the Middle East) the interior of the Jeep sees a lot of dust and usually when it rains, it catches you by surprise (about 5-10 days a year max?) so the interior is going to get wet... The stock unit already has a FUBAR cassette intake and it will either refuse to play it, or refuse to eject it for a week... and it's already been replaced twice.

    So I'm starting to save up now and I want to use marine grade equipment.

    At the moment I'm leaning towards Clarion... they're expensive but they seem to have the most complete range in Marine stuff and it's a name that I recognise.

    Does anyone know if their head units come with Aux-In or if they have an adapter available for it?

    The headunit I like comes in several different models, some with "C-Bus" and some with "CeNet" for "optional extras" - would these extras allow me to get an Aux-In?

    Hows this for a plan...

    Clarion Marine XMD3-RET Head Unit (or similar, they seem to have a bunch of different models)
    Whatever I need to get Aux-In on it
    Clarion Marine 6.5" speakers x6 (2 in the dash (if i can squeeze them in) - 2 in the overhead sound bar - 2 on top of a custom box behind the rear seats)
    Clarion Marine 10" Subs x2, either firing down or into the backs of the rear seat.
    Clarion Marine Amp (not sure which one)
    Clarion Wired Remote x2, one of them on the back of a center console for the rear seat passengers (it's a real nice feature on the Ford Expedition!) and a second one between the two speakers on the box in the trunk... mainly so that I can control the volume without getting inside the vehicle.

    The Wrangler isn't the best vehicle as far as acoustics go, but it's still my favourite vehicle by far and it's what I've got to work with

    How does the above look, and what's people's experiences with Clarion and how is the sound?

    Can someone explain tweeters? I understand they're for clarity? How many do you need and what's the best placement? Clarion have 2 Way "Coaxial" speakers listed in their Marine category, as well as seperate speakers and tweeter packages... Which is better? On a purely size basis, the seperates are twice the size tweeters with the same size speakers... plus about $100 difference - worth it?

    I'm not looking for anything that would win competitions, but I want something that can play loud and clear on the highway... I also want to be able to do a range of different music styles... such as Dido or Jewel, Bare Naked Ladies, Savage Garden, Counting Crows, DMB, Evanescence, Groove Armada, Matchbox 20, Tatu, Tom Jones, U2, UB40 - I just want it to be able to do clear as well as push some bass.

    The current system is so crap that almost anything would be an improvement

    So - your input on this is much appreciated...

    And if you know any other brands for Marine Grade stuff I'd like to hear about it... I like JBL equipment (JBL Creature desktop speakers here, and a friend with a very impressive car using JBL equipment) but their website only has about 2 things in their Marine grade category???

    Thanks for the help!

    Sorry for the overload of questions... if you can answer even just one of them I would appreciate it!