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BMW's Mini PDA Installation

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  • BMW's Mini PDA Installation

    Pretty cool stuff. BMW has a stock option now (don't know how old this is) to install a PDA in the car. It plays mp3s, and even has dynamic volume control. Pretty cool little device.

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    you'll be paying too much. The plus, it has gps and mobile phone.
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      if you buy a bmw, you are already paying too much

      the ibus system though is insanely cool, and having a system with a variable volume based on accelleration is beyond awsome


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        Hey that's not bad actually- I thought it would be just another pda, but it's packed with quite a lot of features and everything's integrated. I like how you can phone an operator for restaurants, then press a button to get a map and directions! I don't like how you have to have to have their choice of pda though- if you already have a phone, then you'll just end up with two. Also, I think you can achieve pretty much most of the features with a home-brew project and then some.... PDA's are still too big to be carrying round though- and if you're mounting something like that in the car, you might as well get a 7 inch touch screen. Integrated email's nice though- perhaps ME could now incorporate simple (non-outlook) client into a future release....??
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