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Modifying Home Stereo become MP3Player

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  • Modifying Home Stereo become MP3Player

    Does anyone knows how to modify the home stereo to become MP3Player...? It means we can use stereo's CD drive to read MP3 files and listen through its built-in amp.

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    Don't bother. It's possible, just barely, but way too complicated, and would involve a lot of unpretty kludges and wires hanging out of the case and soforth. Just for starters, you'd have to figure out how to read a data (mp3) CD in an audio CD drive. Mechanically, they're not too different, but electronically, a CD-ROM has a lot more precision and specificality about what it will read and what it won't. An audio CD drive is hit-and-miss, but the audio quality is good enought that that isn't detrimental to the final output. I've read about a project somewhere where they've got an audio drive reading mp3 CDs, but it sounds to me like they've got fuNding!


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      Since MP3s are compressed, they need a processor to decompress them on the fly. To modify a home stereo, you'd have to throw a processor, and with it a motherboard, and with it RAM.... It just turns into a computer, and you're better off just creating your own.