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1994 Saab 900 & OBDII

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  • 1994 Saab 900 & OBDII


    I'm new to this forum and I need some information about OBDII. I own Saab 900 made in 1994, this is new generation 900. I'm planning to put a computer in my Saab and I also want to connect OBDII, so that I'll be able to see information on the computer's LCD. I found connection diagram for connection OBDII -> computer (serial port), but I couldn't find any software that would read this information coming into computer... Can anyone help me?

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    OBD-II is a US emission standard. It's not manditory til Jan of 1996. Few cars made in 95 are OBD-2. I hightly doubt your 94 Saab for none US market is OBD-2 compliant. Even if the plug fits, it may not be OBD-2. I've seen some 94 and 95 cars where the plug fits but my scanner wont connect. Also, the software should come with the OBD-2 reader. If not, there should be a software help page for you to write your own OBD-2 program.
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      Well I was doing some researching and found out that Saab started installing OBDII systems in 1994, but this OBDII isn't fully compatible to the one in use now - lacks in some sensors etc etc. Where can I get any information about developing my own software, I know how to make a program to communicate with COM ports (send/receive data), but I don't know how to decode received information. Any manual available? And I don't want to buy ISO-9141-2 standard, cause it's expensive.