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PC audio too low

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  • PC audio too low

    Heres my setup:
    I have my stereo connected to my amp with a Line-out converter.
    I have my PC audio (thru a usb sound card) connected to the same amp with Y-splitter RCA cables.

    Now heres my problem.
    My stereo is plenty loud. I have the gain on my Amp set to about 60%, above that I get a hissing, static noise.
    My PC audio is nowhere as loud as my stereo. I have to set the gain up to 90% to get a good loud sound (PC Wave out and system is maxed out too 100)
    I get no static noise from the PC, but with the PC off the stereo hiss (as stated above)
    Is there any way to boost the sound of the PC to match my stereo WITHOUT using a seperate amp or any other hardware changes?

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    Is that a speaker level output to line level rca converter? Does it have gain controls on it as well? The ones I have seen have them, If it does I would turn them down to match the output of the computer, and adjust the amp accordingly.


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      i'm new to this, but would't a line driver be what you need? Speaker output is probably 2volts or less, and radio is maybe 4volts. Just get a line driver and match it to your head unit or stereo and that should work fine.
      i have this same problem only in my home stereo running off computer soundcard.


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        Yeah, get a line driver/pre-amp.


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          I got an adj line output converter to replace the fixed LOC. Able to now turn the gain up on the amp to amplify the PC and adj the gain on the LOC so that the radio don't buzz. Man if only I gotten the adj LOC before, wouldn't have this problem


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            Ive got front L+R and rear L+R RCA inputs on my stereo so 2 RCA-Jack converter plugs and a pair of RCA leads has saved me from buyin an amp or a car2pc converter box.

            set pc sound to max and control volume from stereo