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Data logging solution for non OBD2 cars...

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  • Data logging solution for non OBD2 cars...

    This topic isnt a new one, but apart from 'OBD2' no one ever really reached a solution for everyone that didnt have obd cars.

    The problem is how to get the speed, revs, etc into the computer for data logging and pure rice value. I think that i may have found a solution, but apart from an old Silicon Chip article, have no more info on it, so i'm turning to the masses to see if anyone has used/heard of this before - the OzTrip computer. I emailed them ( but no more are avail til the end of the year.

    If anyones used this, whats the little thing like?

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    There won't be one solution because pre OBDII every make of car was different. The interface for a Chevy will be different than a Ford which will be different than a xxx, etc...


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      speed pulse and tacho pulses all work on the same princible, so it should be able to be done....


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        Originally posted by doig
        speed pulse and tacho pulses all work on the same princible, so it should be able to be done....
        Yeah this is how software like HomeDyno etc work. Clip an inductor to your HT leads, tell the software how many cylinders you have, gear ratios, weight etc, and it figures out the power of your car based on rpm/time.

        I played with interfacing to crank angle sensor a while ago (cleaner than a HT inductor pulse). Had some success but didn't have enough time to play properly.


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          Using something like a LabJack usb device ( and some custom software development, you should be able to log just about whatever you need. I use LabJack in a number of different environments for control and data acquisition and it works great (easy to program in visual basic). If you are a savvy enough programmer, you could easily design a race-car quality data acquisition system for very low $$ using something like this. There are some off-the-shelf systems available, but are motorsport related and are very expensive in comparison.