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recommended wattage on power inverter

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  • recommended wattage on power inverter

    i'm about to pick up a dual plug power inverter to replace my 130 watt single...i saw a 140 watt dual today, but i'm not sure if i should go for that or a 300 watt dual...whichever direction i go, the plug will be cut off and it will be wired into my battery...any help??

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    Well, if you really want to upgrade your power inverter get a full sine wave inverter. It's worth it, if you want to go the power inverter route. I guess it's easier on the computer's power supply.
    But if this inverter is only for your computer and your computer's gonna be a pretty permanent part of your car audio system you might as well spend the cash on a good DC-DC converter instead.


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      I'm using the TrippLite PowerVerter 300watt.
      (model PV300)
      Has 2 outlets and a fan. Real small footprint. Picked it up for around $80-90
      Works good, no problems