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  • Need help building computer

    I'm in the process of building a barebones system for my car and I've hit a snag.

    So far, I've gotten the computer to boot up to BIOS, correctly display the processor and its speed (Pentium 133), amount of RAM (32 MB), recognize the video card (I can read all this on a monitor, can't I?), and recognize the HD I installed as master. However, I get the following error messages in the BIOS screen:

    Floppy disk(s) fail
    [Not really a problem, since I haven't installed a floppy]
    Keyboard error or no keyboard present
    [This is troublesome. I have a keyboard plugged in, but I still get this error. Any suggestions? This is the main thing I'm stuck on]
    CMOS Checksum error-Defaults loaded.
    CMOS battery failure.
    [Should I worry about either of these two CMOS messages?]
    Press F1 to continue, DEL to enter SETUP
    [I can't hit either--it isn't recongnizing my keyboard.]

    Anyway, anyone have any advice for this keyboard recognition issue?

    As a side, my motherboard has two input slots that look like a keyboard would plug into. One is identical the the keyboard on my new-ish Micron PC--I've been (unsuccessfully) using the Micron's keyboard in the Car Computer's keyboard slot. There is also a larger slot that looks like a keyboard would plug into it. Here's a crude picture of the first:

    . .
    . .

    While the second, larger one looks like this:
    | |
    | |

    I'm sure that's totally not helpful. Anyway, any response would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    whoo... Alright, here goes:

    The CMOS battery failure and CMOS defualts loaded means that your computer's batter is dead. You need to find the small, round, silver disc-like battery and get it replaced. Take it to the store, and find one the same size with the same voltate.

    The keyboard/diskette errors:
    I believe the small keyboard port you talk of is actually a PS/2 Mouse port, and the larger one is the AT keyboard port.

    Once you get your keyboard working in the right port (you may need to get an AT-PS2 converter to convert from one type to another)

    If you want to disable the errors, go into setup, usually del or f1 or something on startup. In setup, goto basic bios setting, and change "Halt on all errors" to "Halt on no errors" or something similar.

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      Thanks for your (unbelievably fast) reponse. I'll pick up a new battery and a PS2-AT adapter (if they exist) as soon as I can. Thanks.


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        Here, hope this helps ya:


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          I concur...BTW as long as you leave it running (power on) you don't need the battery.

          And really if you don't change anything from the defaults, then you don't need the battery.

          (just incase you have a hard time finding the battery)

          Now if you do change some stuff in the BIOS and turn power off, then it will all return to default, once you put power back on (if the battery is bad)


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            Thanks. I am having trouble finding the battery on my motherboard. Is it possible that my motherboard doesn't have one? (I did buy it used off of ebay).

            Any other hints on finding the battery? Also, if I purchase a battery, what kind do I need? It is a socket 7 motherboard with a P133 processor. Thanks.


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              Oh it has one, but it may look like a 16pin IC. May have the name DALLAS on it.

              The newer motherboards have an actual watch type battery in a holder.

              The older ones had this chip thing.

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                there has got to be a battery recepticle at least. maybe it didnt come with a battery installed, but it definitely has to have one. is there maybe a black plastic disc about the size of a nickel with metal tabs?
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                  bdk3clash, (I pulled the cover off my computer)

                  If you have an older motherboard like me you will have a chip looking thing (in my case right next to the bios) that says something like...

                  REAL TIME
                  9704A2 089092

                  and looks like this

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                    A lot of motherboards with Dallas chips don't have a seperate connector for a battery. When those chips die, you either replace the chip, or the board.

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                      bdk3clash, can you tell us what the model number of your motherboard is? Or would you give the link to the Ebay auction you bought it from? Maybe that way we can get some more information about where the battery might be.