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Is this a good computer for a car mp3 system ?

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  • Is this a good computer for a car mp3 system ?

    Is this a good system for a car mp3 player?

    $129.95 - AMD MII 333 Barebones
    - M571 Mainboard w/sound and video (you can disable the
    - Cyrix MII 333 Processor w/fan
    - Mini Tower Case
    $15.95 - Teac Floppy Drive
    $26.95 - 32MB PC100 SDRAM
    $9.95 - Additional Case Fan
    $185.80 - SubTotal
    $20.00 - Shipping (US excluding AK/HI)
    $202.80 - Total


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    ditch the power supply (inverters are stupidly inefficient) and floppy drive. 16mb of ram is sufficient so save your money for a decent hard drive.

    floppy drive? what the cant even fit an mp3 on one.


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      If I ditch the floppy, how do I boot up and how do I install the OS? Will Win98 auto install if I leave it in a CD drive (I have an extra 6x at home) and boot up?


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        Well, you're goingt to need some way to install the OS. Use all the devices you need to install everything, then take them off when you put it in your car.
        HomePage and Mp3Car Setup


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          The motherboard looks new enough to boot the Win98 installer off the CD, so installing it should be no problem without a floppy. By the way, how does $185.80 + 20.00 = 202.80? You're missing three bucks..


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            where's the hard drive and the netcard?
            i have onboard mobo sound and it sucks. the highs get all ****ty when i turn it up. so if you're not gonna use the mobo sound then you need to get a soundcard.


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              The sound quality depends on the sound chipset on the motherboard, and some motherboards actually have very high quality sound, so make sure you check out the sound quality yourself before you buy a separate sound card.


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                I didnt calculate the price. I overlooked it. Ill probably buy a riser card (something like that but if someone knows where to get one email me, ) I have 2 HD at home and 2 CD drives (Ill use 1) . I may buy either a SB live value card or a SB PCI AWE64 Gold card. But for the plrice, is that a good system ?


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                  If you were to ask me, I'd say it's a good price. If anyone disagrees, please let me know, as I'm no expert on this. Like I said, check out the sound quality onboard before you go out and buy a separate sound card. As far as a riser card goes, I'll try to find some, but look around, they can't be that hard to find. If memory serves me, the old IBM PS/2 (the educational model that had the motherboard, drives, and monitor all in one case) had a riser card in it (though those systems tended to have a lot of proprietary tech), so check a local tech flea markets.