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    one more quiz... im running and a sony expode 1000w amp with an 1 farad cap. i havent installed my Mp3 system yet but i noticed that my lights (interior) still dim a liitle.. will that affect my system if im using a 300w inverter.. i know thats not the best way but it the cheapest for right now) also is it ok to hook up my Lcd screen and fans and stuf to the same connectioon as my cig lighter (it going to have the inverter in it)thanx again guys
    If God meant us to have Mp3Cars he would have made effecient Power Supplys..J/k guys

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    one cap not a good idea with that kida power drop try a stinger 800 batt or a vortex 900 unless you like spending money that you don't have to.and another thing is what is the alt's output? it will take power to make power. 85 or 90 amp will not do.
    not to run the car and all ther other things
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      what do you mean "that kinda power drop" you mean the lights dimming, or are yousaying i dont need a Capacitor.. its a RF 1 farad and i have to i have it even to run the system anyways.. are you suggest ing a new car batt? or are you saying dont use a inverter? also i dont know what SPL/SQ is... also i have an 1991 Infinint 4 cyclinder ill try to find the atl's specs..
      If God meant us to have Mp3Cars he would have made effecient Power Supplys..J/k guys


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        SPL= Sound Pressure Level- loud bassin' kind of stuff (in a nutshell, don't attack me too much)

        SQ= Sound Quality- (audiophile stuff)

        I think that your infinity alternator is rated at 75-80 amps. You can have it re-wound for about $100 and pick up more amps. My friend had it done on his G20 and made a huge difference, we got rid of the cap that he had; no dimming of the lights, and loud bass. Cap is just a patch for a weak alternator, fix it and enjoy great sound.


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          Audio newbie Check out and go through the members pages for verious cars. You'll learn alot about high end systems.

          As for the cap, all it does is regulate the voltate. Thus keeping it at a more or less constant power, however your load is too high and is pulling more then what the Cap can provide on high loads.

          Battery wise, I like the Yellow Top from Optima.. Info here on high end batteries.. It's 550amps cranking, 870amps peak.. It's a deep cycle type of battery, so it lasts much longer then normal ones charge wise.

          Else if you need more "oomph" while the car is running, the easiest thing to do is, as MP3runner said either get your alternator re-wound.. Or buy a high output one..

          BTW, not pushing SD's store, just was there and it's easy info to find. Shop around for what ever you decide to do, you can get better prices..


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            thanx guys .. alot.. also i used to know about car systems and just been out of the loop.. and i guess i got suckerd into buying the cap.. Iwork at Best Buy so i got it really chaep though.. also i have 2 800w FG He2 dvc 10" four v-coils bridged down to one ohm stable which by sony Explode 1000w is made to do so the way i see it im pushing those suckers at about 600w stable each.. i might be wrong but thats what i intended to do.. if i messed up please someone tell so i can fix it cuz i KNOW those fosgates should sound tighter than they are. I only peeked at 128 DB on the digital tester i had. any thought or comments
            If God meant us to have Mp3Cars he would have made effecient Power Supplys..J/k guys


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              You guys need to learn a bit about vehicle electrical dynamics.

              Firstly .. you SHOULD have 1 farad of capacitance for every 1000 watts of power.

              Secondly .. your altenator will only provide peak aperage under extreme conditions (ie. over-revving)

              Thirdly .. dimming is caused by voltage drops which are in turn caused by excessive current draw.


              The reason you NEED a capacitor (for good sound) is because on really low, or really high tones, your amp has to draw considerable amounts of current to supply the amplification. The instantaneous current draw can often exceed 100 amps !! A stiffening capacitor provides a near infinite current for a VERY short interval .. thus allowing for an ultra-low bass hit .. or an ear piercing (accurate) high tone. In short .. if you want to accurately reproduce sound (loudly) you will need LOTS of current .. and FAST.

              As per dimming .. like I said .. voltage drop! Your best solution here is to buy a high performance alt. to PROPERLY energize your system .. otherwise .. you will pretty much .. suck.

              What more is there to say ?

              PS: I compete for SQ+ .. and have been to MANY comps. and have learned LOTS for the pros ... if you're serious about car audio .. go to a few comps. and learn a few things !!

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