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logitech trackman "live"

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  • logitech trackman "live"

    Hey all,

    Check this gadget out.

    It would be pretty good for a TFT LCD setup... 30 ft range with the trackball on the remote for them mouse.

    Oh well, thought it was cool.

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    I agree - this is the ideal type of device for remote control from outside the car. I like to have the music playing while sittin' by the campfire... this remote would be perfect for that. ... Anyone know if it is Macintosh compatible, or if there are any devices like it for Mac? Infrared won't do.


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      Yeah, we have one of these at work! Ive played with it before and its nice, but not really good for expansion. 3 buttons and mouse is about all. Unless this is new and improved, the site didnt have a pic.
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        Unfortunately... that's 30 feet IN IDEAL CONDITIONS! I know, I use something remarkably similar... and under most circumstances it works okay. However, often the range will drop for no apparent reason to less than 10 feet and stay that way for some time before returning to normal. Irritating and I can only assume it's due to some kind of interference, though I have no idea what might be causing it in this neighborhood.

        Still pretty cool... but DAMN are they expensive!