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Apex/Raite DVD in an MP3 Car (Question about Palm Pilots)

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  • Apex/Raite DVD in an MP3 Car (Question about Palm Pilots)

    This is just an idea I had today while I was playing Mp3's on my DVD player... I don't know if anyone has tried this or not, but take an Apex 600A or a Raite AVPhile DVD player and use that to play mp3's. They can both play .mp3 files of CD-R / CD-RW Disks, the Raite has better support for .mp3's but less dvd/audio features than the Apex. Combined with a Color LCD screen you could watch a movie or play .mp3's in your car and would be relativly easy to hook up. I don't how good they would play if you hit a bump in the road though.. Anyways just a thought!

    One question too, has anyone made any software to control winamp with a Palm Pilot via infared?

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    I have one of this players (Raite) and I'm wondering the same.
    I already have the LCD screen (Alpine CVA-1005), thinking in disassembling the player to fit in my glove box. (any thoughts about it?)



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      I don't know about disassembling and putting it in a glove box. You'll need a pretty big glove box there. My thought was putting the player in the trunk and getting three long RCA cables. Hook one up the LCD and the other two to a head unit with RCA inputs in the front of the car. I also want to use the remote that came with the dvd for control. So I was thinking about using some type of Remote extender. I don't even have a car right now so I can't really experiment, but when I get a car I'll send in some more suggestions. I'm still concerned about the playback on bumpy roads and what not.