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my new carputer/ipodLinux project.

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  • my new carputer/ipodLinux project.

    You guys might end up hating me but i replaced my carputer with my ipod for now. But I'm not done with carputering yet. Ok here's my project. It'll be my first linux project too. Ok listen up. My next carputer OS will run off my ipod.

    The only hard part. You must first mount the ipod before you can access it's data. Luckily I figured that out already. I have an embedded mobo with an onboard cf connector. It's pretty much the same as this one i found on ebay:

    I will boot from a cf card with the latest linux kernel to mount the ipod (yes lthe latest linux kenel supports the ipod through 1394). Then I'll be able to boot PHATlinux from my ipod, since an ipod is basicaly an external FAT32 drive.

    Now i can watch xvid movies, play aac mp4s (Ipod supports mp4 files which sound better than mp3s), and load linux off my ipod

    edit: trasfering files would be easy. Just dock the ipod to my pc and windows treats it as an external HD
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