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Carputer installed!!! (Now if only I had a monitor!)

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  • Carputer installed!!! (Now if only I had a monitor!)

    This was one week in the making! But finally-its in and it works!

    The computer is hidden in the spare tire well

    See hidden:

    Got the amps hidden on the left compartment, and the pxa-h510 on the right. Right now all I have up front is a firewire cdrw/dvd slimt slot drive which is powered by the internal 5v lead of the carputer. The computer has its bios set to turn on when the accessory lead turns live. Now lets figure out how to gracefully shutdown this thing. Was talking with someone at dinner tonight, says you can build a firmware based controller pretty cheaply that can have inputs which handle high voltage. When the input it on the firmware can act on it etc. etc. Sounds like a good idea. He says the chip was called the parallax


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    Nice and stealth. Be sure to post those screen pics when you get one.
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      Where's the hard drive? Is it in the carputer box? I would think that is about the harshest place to locate a HD, although audi have good suspensions. Does the HD have it's own audi-fied suspension?

      Let us know how it handles the bumps.

      PS. Be sure to keep a can of tire puncture sealer handy and a air compressor.


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        Originally posted by cyjad
        Let us know how it handles the bumps.
        If you have a head crash while driving on the street then you probably just hit something... Like a brick wall. Any way you look at it, you'll have bigger worries then your hard drive.

        I don't think anyone here has ever killed a hard drive under normal driving conditions (There are a few people here who rock crawl, and they've never had problems either IIRC).

        Correct me if I'm wrong.
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          Well I am riding on some pretty *stiff* suspension (h&r coil overs), but the hard drive hasn't really had any problems so much as I can tell.

          I suppose I would be better off mounting the hard drive sideways and maybe on some foam... there certainly is plenty of room back there...

          Oh it is a laptop style hd btw, so I think that means it parks the head whenever possible...