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Has anyone done an install in a 3rd gen integra?

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  • Has anyone done an install in a 3rd gen integra?

    I'm putting mine in my '98 GS-R.

    I used to have just a plain old panasonic head unit until some jerk stole it a few weeks ago (along with my MOMO floor mats... must have been some punk kid). Now I've decided to replace it with a budget carputer, the budget being around $600.

    I already got a 500mhz 128mb ram, 6gb hd etc etc laptop off ebay for $213, so I'd say I'm right on track for my budget. $20 802.11b USB on the way too.

    The thing I'm having trouble with is deciding how to do my screen. I want a 7" touch screen but I don't know if I can mount it in dash, or if I'll have to buy one that slots into a standard head unit slot or what. I could feasably do either, and would prefer to do in-dash. The reason I'm concerned is that the place it would go in my dash is kinda low, the angle I would be looking at the screen at isn't exactly the best, and it would be nice if the driver or passenger could face it towards them. I would post pictures but the connector to my digi-cam just stopped working (6 in 1 reader on the way so I will post soon).

    Has anyone else done an install with an integra? Anyone else go any ideas from what I've said?

    Right now I'm thinking my best choice would be this:

    My concerns with this are:

    1. It's kinda expensive.

    2. It's like a big "steal me" sign, which the Integra GS-R already is just by itself.

    3. I would prefer one that supports VGA rather than just PAL/NSTC.

    Pics will be coming soon like I said, so those who are unfamiliar with the integra interior will get to see.