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Cassette Adapter problems

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  • Cassette Adapter problems

    Hi all,

    I just tested my MP3 setup for the first time and I've hit a major problem.

    My head unit (a Fiat standard Philips model) doesn't recognise the cassette adapter. As there's no tape tension in it (obviously- there's no tape !), the radio just carries on playing when I put the cassette in. Unless there’s any way of “fooling” my head unit into thinking that there’s enough tension in the cassette, I’m not sure what to do. The bloke in my local electronics shop told me that I might have this problem, as he had tried to connect a CD player to his Clarion head unit and the same thing happened to him. I think my options are :

    1. Try to find a different cassette adapter, although I assume that they’re all pretty much the same. The one I bought was very noisy as well. I could hear the spindles going round, even with the radio on.
    2. Buy a new head with an input on the front (which will obviously be expensive)


    Any ideas ?

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    Well you could always buy a *good* FM modualtor...not the type that is a box that sends an fm signal buit the kind that plugs into your antenna input on your head and the antena plugs into the told they work well...but ive never tried one...


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      according to mp3vw in the topic FM Modulators, you can get
      an FM modulator from Thanks! The part number for those interested is 205-215 and costs 49.95....
      Mine came yesterday and I am going to try it out sometime next week. I'll let you know how it sounds.