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4x40 LCD ( pin outs

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  • 4x40 LCD ( pin outs

    I have a Seiko L4034 4X40 Backlight LCD.

    (This is the fancy name for simply the 4x40 LCD from

    Does anyone know where to get the pin outs for this model ? ? ? ? ? ?



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    There used to be a link on eio's site with the LCD that had the pin outs for the LCD.
    Check again and see.


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      First, regarding the pin outs:

      Several weeks ago, when I first attempted to order one of these LCDs I made sure that I had the information regarding which pin was which - and the site, at the time, had a schematic by Nathan Stuart, a student at the University of Maine. I sent a message off to Nathan, just asking him about his experience with the LCD (just to see if it was quality), and he replied by saying that the SCHEMATIC ON EIO'S SITE was INCORRECT ... shortly after submitting it he realized that he had pins 14 and 16 (VCC and NC) reversed. I had heard, in various message groups (like the one on EIO's site) that some people could only get two lines to display ... well, this very well may have to do with it. Nathan tried to send a revised copy of the schematic to the (motley) crew at EIO, but never received a response. He did send me a revised copy though. Out of convenience, I have put it on my school's web server for convenience - check it out at ... once again, this is the CORRECT schematic.

      Secondly, REGARDING EIO ( ... to anyone who has not done business with them (yet):

      Over two and a half weeks ago, I sent a check (you can't order via credit card so have to mail a check) to EIO ordering one of these 4x40 displays. The following weekend, not having heard anything from them (and expecting an e-mail confirmation) I sent them an e-mail asking if they could verify receiving the order. I received no response until about 7 days after sending the order, and in the meantime left a message on EIO's answering machine. Well, this message (from the owner, some Gott guy) assured me that my order was just received (BS #1), and that "will ship tomorrow or the next day by priority mail." (BS #2) Well, that was 5/24, and (as of today) I still have not received anything. My check was cashed yesterday, however!! Finally, after leaving several messages on EIO's answering machine (they clearly have no "busy operators" as their machine says), I received an e-mail from the owner again today, telling me that they would send me a refund check AND the LCD that I had ordered. This was probably because I told him in an e-mail message several days ago that, should my check be cashed, I would report him to the Better Business Bureau ...

      What is clear is that EIO did not have the LCD in inventory, and instead of telling me that (and losing my business), they chose to play hard-to-get and ignore me. Finally, when I put them in the hot seat, they responded. To tell you the truth, I do not trust this man (yes, I am saying that this has to be a one man show, if you've ever tried calling EIO you'll know what I mean) and do not even believe him when he says he will mail me a refund and an LCD. If I don't receive at least a refund sometime during the middle of next week, though, he's not going to hear from me but rather the BBB. It's clear that he's nothing more than a sleazeball, so watch your wallet!