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  • Head Unit Install Question

    Hey guys, of course, I have another question for the great minds of mp3car.
    here goes: im gettin my sister a Legacy LCD97DFX AM/FM-MPX CD Player w/ Flip-Down Detachable Face found here: and need to know if i really need the installation kit found here

    ive done an install on a 91 f150, 87 chevy, and a 95 camry, but never a honda, and never anything that wasnt a pioneer head unit
    the low down is, do i need the install kit to make it fin in the bay, or no
    ive never used one b4, except on the ford - cuz it was my first install job and i wanted to do everything just right (butterflies in belly) but neways, id appreciate neones input on putting in a cd player on early 90's models hondas
    thnx- marshall
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    Open up the dash where the stock radio is and see if there is already a mounting bracket. If there is then you shouldn't have a problem putting it in without the kit.
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