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where can i get stp cat5 cable?

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  • where can i get stp cat5 cable?

    i am looking for bulk stp cat5 cable and cant find it anyhere? i'd like to get around 100 feet. any ideas? thanks
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    Have you tried Graybar yet? They either carry or can get just about anything and have 8 locations in WI.


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      home depot, lowes, any local hardware store, local comp store


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        wht would you want stp ?
        utp is even as good and dont be afraid that it has no shielding. the pairs of an utp cable of cat 5 or 6 are twisted in a special wait to remove noise and interferance.
        utp will do the job just as fine.
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          Actually .. although UTP _is_ twisted to _REDUCE_ the noise floor .. it is nowhere near as good as STP.

          The twisted pairing is only good when the pairs are connected properly!

          Sehielding will reduce (never really fully eliminate) transient waves (usaually enough to transmit low voltage data in a noisy environment)

          STP can be bought from any local network supply shop. Look in your yellow pages for networking wholesalers ..

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            try partsexpress and search for cat5. Been pondering buying one of their 1000ft spools myself just to have if needed.

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              Iget mine from CDW - utp, stp , 5 ,6 they got it all. and this other place "cables to go"
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