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PalmOS Control??? Why Not Windows CE?

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  • PalmOS Control??? Why Not Windows CE?

    Just wondering if anyone knows of or is working on something similar to palmamp for something like the Cassiopea E100 or similar Windows CE devices? Would be nice to be able to strap that baby to my car player for control and possible visual output and also be able to dump files back to it for when I am in the office at my desk (or just for the hell of it).

    If someone isn't working on this or one doesn't exist... DO IT MAN!!

    I really like the idea behind the palmamp but don't want to drop more money for a seperate PDA. (besides... the one I have is in COLOR)


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    Yeah i attempted a mp3car player using the cassiopea about a year ago... although the
    cassiopea was the "detachable face" of my mp3
    stereo so to speak my car was stolen and
    therefore the mp3 player gone.


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      oh btw, apart from that it worked fine.
      I had written all the code using a Visual Basic WinCE development kit. had all the
      play lists, artist select, etc etc features
      everyone has these days.. I am planning
      on making another one, because controlling
      the mp3car player via the touchscreen pen
      was fun.


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        Great! Thats just what I had in mind! Let me know if you need some help testing the code or when you have the program in general ready to go. I would LOVE to check it out.


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          Just curios about the storage medium for your MP3's. How did you store them? Obviously not on the PDA! Just curious as i am trying to do the same thing now.



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            I am very intersted in this also. I'm an experienced programmer and can help anyone develope this application. I want it to be able to play playlists through the serial port to my carpc. Please send any info/code you have to [email protected]



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              Alex, did you write a client/server type setup or was all the functionality contained by the CE device? Was the communication done via the serial port? With the new wireless LAN cards for PDAs what's the feasibility of useing a wireless LAN in the car?


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                I've had the same idea and I already built a design around that too, so now I'm using a test application (self written) in Visual Basic. I have a Casio E-105 and use the serial port for it. I have that neat Xircom card (10Mbit LAN) too, but i prefer the cradle over a outpopping cable on top. My application can do all that the serialcontrol of henrik husted can do ( and aditionally i programmed a (really slow!!) playlist loader. It actually loads all the tracks of the playlist in a combobox. It needs LOADS of work still but i want the plugin from PalmAMP ! I wrote for it at Andre Eisenbach, and he 'would' send me tha API description about 2 months ago ... so feel lucky get it for me ( If someone has interest I'll try finding a place or site to put the proggy on. I really want to get this functional as the PlamAMP! Help from experienced programmers would be nice!!
                Sorry for long post!