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Can I put Pc speakers on my computer car?

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  • Can I put Pc speakers on my computer car?

    I want to know its that possible to put a big one sound system speakers in my car . I want to put a system of 6 klh speakers , but I want to know if it posiblle and if there´s no problem with that , ok thankz for you attention

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    Well, it's possible, but I don't know quite how effective it would be. For one thing, you'd have to custom mount the speakers, which would void the warranty (because you'd have to remove them from their cases). Also, I don't know if they're designed to handle the vibration in a car. Another problem is that most computer speakers (and definitely the ones you're referring to) are powered, meaning you'd have to figure out what voltage yours run on and all that. Also, powered speakers (especially a 6-speaker set) would draw a lot of power. It's certainly possible, but if you're going to go to the work of custom mounting your speakers (and voiding the warranty), you'd probably be better off buying 6 speakers that are designed for use in a car and buying a head unit with a line in.


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      Don't forget two powerful 4 channel amplifiers. Power the 6 speakers with 6 of the channels and then bridge the last 2 channels and that to a sub. It would sound real nice if you hook it up right.
      I just have my factory speakers plus one crappy a$$ sub (12" super pro red surround), I had two till i blew the other one out...
      Anyway, my stereo sounds great! So before you go butchering your car think about all the alternatives, and/or equipment you're going to have to buy.