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    i am thinking of getting the vga screen from armen and fabricating it into my double din area, and using a medion laptop for processing . the info for the latop is here.

    the whole setup would run $1000 after rebates including a dc-dc adapter for the laptop. the whole reason i am using a laptop because i have a kickass desktop and am in college, so i could knock out 2 birds with one stone, get a college computer and a carputer. please let me know what you think

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    I'm doing the same thing because I have a laptop that I rarely use, and bought with the intentions of using it for OBD2 anyway. I think a docking station is key to avoid having to unplug a ton of stuff every time you remove it though.


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      well what do you think of the laptop it self. and since i use to work at bestbuy, i can see about maybe getting a little bit of discount. also there wouldn't be alot of disconnecting. just power wire, vga and usb. just get a usb splitter to plug all your usb junk, like gps and what not. but $550 for a laptop, is alot cheaper than putting a epia system with opus power supply and casetronic case. and also you can use the computer anywhere. add a 3 year warranty for 199.99. and if **** happens you will be getting a new laptop. for a laptop that cheap since i used to be a bestbuy technician 4 months ago we would most likely junk it out.


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        I just love saying that

        ok but really... multifunction is what pcs are all about holmes

        slap it together and call it susie
        if you really want to deal with the issues of unpluggin everytime you go to class or whatever and have to worry about people seeing you laptop sittin pretty in your car and all that jazz. then by all means have fun and if you need help just get a 6 pack and give me a call and I will be right over to tell you what you did wrong and not tell you how to fix...

        man Im on a honesty trip all of a sudden
        Originally posted by menudude
        thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...


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          Lucky: you crack me up, man.

          So far:
          M10000 Nehemiah, 1Gb RAM, Opus 90w PS, Buffalo Tech WLI2-USB2-G54, 160 Gb HDD, GlobalSat BU-353 GPS, iGuidance, Zippy EL-610, Panasonic CW8123B Slim Slot CDRW/DVD, 10" Lilliput, Sony XA-300, Sony CDX-MP30 Head, OBD-II


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            true that, but ease of use involves money. i can dump about anywhere from 1000-1300 on a whole setup but i gotsa to look at my marginal benefit. waht are my benefit. its a lot of **** that has to do with economics. i can get a laptop and a carputer for the same price. come on not all of us are loaded, right. and can't we buy anychance setup up the laptop to power up as soon as it see's dc power. and use a relay and tap of the radio to send it a signal as soon as the car starts up. also i am planning to keep my acura for about 8 months and then buy a pontiac trans-am so i got to think about the future.
            what are you opinions on the laptop for 550. also if i decide to go for a regular carputer what is my price range. for an epia m10000 power supply and the rest of the junk. probably more than the laptop and i can only use it for the car. i have been tossing this idea all over the place, and in my situation as a college student, i will sacrifice a little bit of luxury to get a bit more benefit.