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Mounting a motherboard

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  • Mounting a motherboard

    Does a motherboard have to be mounted to metal chassis or can it be anything - plywood, plexiglass, cardboard, etc...?

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    It can be mounted on most anything, so long as the surface is stable and won't bend or anything. Of course, without the proper enclosure, you may not have proper shielding, which can create problems, but physically, it can be mounted on most anything. Also, if you mount it on metal, make sure it doesn't touch the metal. That's A Bad Thing.


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      If you are looking for the smallest case you can get, I used a Klein tool box that is only slightly bigger than the motherboard. It is tall enough to wedge in an IDE harddrive above the mobo with about 1/18" to spare. It's pretty easy to work with and will give you the shielding you'll need for a car.
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        i built my mp3 player into a truck subwoofer box. there was plenty of room, and it fits behind the seat in my truck conveniently and without looking out of place. the only drawback i can say is that the case is too heavy making it a pain to carry around
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          forgive my ignorance but what's a Klein box and were can i get one...


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            I'd like to know, as well. I searched for Klein on the net and found two companies with similar names that dealt in tools, but was unable to find any tool boxes like the one you mention.