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How to use an old 486 laptop?

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  • How to use an old 486 laptop?

    I know the 486 won't play MP3's, but is there some way to make the display usefull? Can I somehow hook a new MB up to the display part of the laptop? Any ideas on how to get some use out of it?

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    You can purchase PCI and ISA video cards that can drive most (S)VGA LCD modules. Try MinTronix (<a href=""></a>) or Earth Computers.

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        For everyone looking to play MP3s on a 486, I know I've mentioned the MP3 Decoder Card before, which is a $100 ISA card that decodes MP3s without using much CPU power. Well, I stumbled upon another similar product called <a href="">LP3</a> that does the same thing, but only requires a parallel port. Most laptops have a parallel port, and although I haven't seen this in action, it would perhaps be a good option. They say they're aiming for $100 and although they will initially use a WinAMP plugin, they are working on software for DOS and Linux.