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  • old me with this setup

    Hey, well it has been like 2 years since I last posted on here - my old name was Shaggamuki...forgot the password though...anyway here is my situation:

    I have an old..very old Mustang. I am in the process of restoring it, and would like to put a very basic computer in it. The computer MUST be able to hold and play over 40 gigs of music quickly, play movies smoothly, and opperate GPS. Also....if a program exists that acts as a basic car monitor (MPH, RPMs, heat, cpu temp, ac/heater, etc) I would like to use that also. I do not plan on any form of gaming, and would like a nice (top of the line) screen.

    Now, since it has been soooo long since I have researched this, and my old computer has been sold for a while now, what do yall recomend? What screen is the best now, what DC-DC psu is hot, are computers sill built in plexi-glass, or are more intergrated into the car? Does a program exist for my car as mentioned above? What is the best car alarm system, and radar detector...ahmm...jammer...out there?

    I have about finished gutting the car, and am in the process of doing some body work. I have already purchased a ton of dynamat extreeme to do the entire car...and after that, I would like to put the guts of the computer system in.

    Also...I again, am really interested in some sort of car monitoring system. The engine is old, but do any aftermarket parts exist to help me out? I will be instaling soliniods (spelling) on both doors, and will connect to a future alarm system. It would be nice to be able to use the computer as a remote start/door opening/alarm engaging system.

    Well, sorry for the long post, but any suggestions would be great

    thanks again


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    well ima newbie too, what i would do is go to search on the form for psu, and obd someone posted some really good info about the obds. do more searches for what you want read a bit more. if you do not have the time then ask someone. i dont really dont know much about n e thing so i suggest reading a bit more.
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      Andrew....(Clemson?....go Dawgs!)

      Most of what you are asking is on this board somewhere. Your best bet is to spend some time with the search button...

      Most of us are using the EPIA mini-ITX format motherboards. You can find lots of good info on these HERE . There are many professionally designed case options available also. Although, there are still lots of folks going the plexiglass route.

      The most popular power supply is the OPUS . It's a well designed supply, but Kris is a little slow on responding to emails, and updating his website. You'll find that powering your unit will be the most challenging area.

      For GPS, I use TriNav . It's a great little unit, and very sensitive. The iGuidance software is very good also.

      Two of the most popular screens are the Lilliput and Xenarc. Just make sure you get VGA. Touchscreen control is also very popular.

      Good luck...!!