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Quick Motherboard/RAM question

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  • Quick Motherboard/RAM question

    I bought the EPIA M10000 which uses PC2100 RAM. I just took a trip to OfficeMax to see what kind of prices they have for RAM. They have 512Meg Kingston PC2700 memory sticks for like $50, but no PC2100.

    Can you run PC2700 RAM in the EPAIA M10000?

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    OfficeMax? You have anything better around? And... don't quote me, I think it's possible, but don't try it. Wait for other people to back it up.
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      Originally posted by crosseye
      Can you run PC2700 RAM in the EPAIA M10000?
      Most likely this should be fine.

      I can't say specifically for the Epia motherboard, however most motherboards are compatible with higher speed rated RAM* just fine... not all, but most.

      *Of course, this is true as long as it's the same type of RAM (168-pin SDRAM versus the newer 184-pin DDR RAM, etc).

      Also, as you mention Kingston, that is a fairly common memory brand name, and should help with compatability.
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        Im currently running pc3200, so yes, its all good. You just cant utilize the benifits.
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          It will work fine. The MB will just run at the speed it's suposed to.
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            To go more indepth, the fact that its PC2700 (aka DDR333) is rated to run at 333mhz ddr, or a 166mhz fsb. PC2100 (aka DDR266) only requires the ram to run at 266mhz, so using fast rated ram in a machine that requires slower ram will work. I believe that i have "pc2700" in my epia as well. Older machines might have a problem using fater rated ram, but that was often due to the memory density that comes along with newer, faster ram.

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