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fried mother board , i think . . . .

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  • fried mother board , i think . . . .

    ok , i am a retard. why? read on........
    while putting my 'puter back together the other day i broke the power switch off of the wire that goes to the motehrboard. then (a few hours later) i was downloading something big-ish so i thought i would look at the switch / wire to see how easy it was to join back together. I accidently jammed one end off the wire into the h/d and my computer just stopped going. the best i can convince it to do is turn on , beep , and turn off. nothing else. i have taken it to bits and tried turning it on at various stages of to-bits-ness , and it alwasy displays the same behaviour (i even took everything _including_ the processor out).
    does this sound like a mothered mother board?
    i think it may be
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    Sounds like the MB is dead, especially if this is an AT motherboard and you hit it with 220/110VAC. Have you tried clearing the CMOS?
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      Yup. The MB is dead.


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        Emm, I have a possible mb problem I think, p4 2.4, which I ran at 3g for a few days, no problem etc very stable not a single crash, only a 5degC increas in temp, ie 46 to 51 degrees, so I thought all was ok.

        Now its not as good as it was, it seems really slow, the cpu is reporting 80-90degrees all the time but its cold to the touch........

        ????? wtf's going on!

        I bought the cpu I have because it was rated as being able to OC to about 3.2, but never went that far.

        So much for a fast carpc install, now its fast on the specs but slow as a pII
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          You will probably get a better response if you create a new thread, instead of reviving a 3+ year old one!
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              Dead mobos make me laugh
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                eeek. must watch the date more often, how long have I been sat at this keyboard.
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