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  • Standalone IR device

    This is not exactly a carputer related question.

    I need a device that can control line level audio via a IR signal. This is for a 'home theater' that I am making in my dorm room. I am using standalone amps to drive the surround sound with no dolby/THX/surround decoder and therefore I need a way to control the volume output from each amp.

    I was thinking about using an IC controled resistor, but the part that eludes me is how to interface an IR collector so that it would tell the IC to increase/decrease resistance.

    I have a learning remote, meaning I can feed it any signal that I want it to repeat. So I was thinking that this would make things somewhat easier to create a signal that could be easily read by a very crude reciver.

    Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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    this may sound like a stupid question, but why don`t you just use the remote that came with the amp?
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      The amps that I am using are single channel, 100 watt tube-type amps. Extremely clean power, but nothing in the line of a remote. Just to make it clear, if you are thinking that these are like a regular home style amp/tuner combo, they are not. These were taken out of a movie theater, so they have a single pot that is used to set the volume once when the system is installed and then never touched. I am trying to use them where I can change the volume by altering the line level going to them.

      sorry if I was not clear earlier.

      once again, any ideas are greatly appreciated.
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        well, why not use one reciever to control all the volume. and you can get a 2 channel key ring remote and reciever kit for like 50$ if you can solder. and get stepper motors, and use a basic or oopic chip to control them.
        you could even design a program to keep them within a certain decibal range, so that you can hear the quiet parts, but not get blasted by the loud parts.
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          Controling the level in is a better approach to your project.

          I'd suggest using a balanced line driver. Some models come with remotes for attenuation (volume control).

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            I'm not sure if I follow what you mean by a balanced line driver. Could you point me to an example of one?

            I agree that the stepper motor idea is a little overkill for what I need to do. As you can guess, my circut design skills are limited, So any help would be great.

            I was thinking of using a 555 chip to generate a pulsing signal at a set frequency and then compare that to the signal recived from the remote, if the frequencies match (or are close enough) sets logic to high for the variable resistor. Now the problem is, how do I compare the 2 signals and have that switch the logic levels.

            I can use 2 seperate 555 chips for the volume up/volume down signals.

            Now does everyone think that this is a crazy idea? Or am I onto something here.

            Ideas are great, pass them around.
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              Maxim makes digital varable resistores which you can use to build a simple schematic and use a remote add in to control those.
              Go to and search for those.
              Some of them can give you up to 255 steps range controll.

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