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  • need help on keypad

    hi all
    I have my mp3 box hook up and running. I have one problem and need help. I follow the instruction on the ximp mp3 at to setup. I use 40x4 lcd character display. Is that possible to use 40x4 with the keypad that they show there ? I just really need only play, stop, forward, backward and replay buttons. I don't want to have keypad. anyone please help and suggest me what should i do please. the software i use is winlcd
    that i download from the software link of .

    Anyone here use 40x4 LCD ? if so which of the LCD software plugin you use for it ? please help me.
    please help

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    First of, i dont think (but dont know forsure only have 4x20). The only place you may encounter problems should be the placing of the cursor. if the cursor is pointing at the wrong position you may have some minor problems.

    However the software at the ximp page alone will not cut it. you must use a go between program such as Xarvia's XIMP Player, which you can find at ximps links

    I havent tested this player yet, because when i tried to access the last few times the page was down. It does appear to be back up again so i will give it a shoot.

    Be aware that using the ximp keypad and keypad code may not work with other lcd controller programs due to a possible sharing conflict (of the printer port).

    I am building som gobetween software, but at present i must admit ... it SUCKS does so because i dont have the time to work on it over any period of time.

    As an answer to your question there should not be direct problems in connecting your lcd and key-array the ximp way. but you may experience that it only displays in the 4x20 part of the area.


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      anyone up here have 40x4 plugin that work ? specially with keypad like ximp has ?
      i want to have something that like ximp has because i don't need that much of the key like key pad. i just need forward, back, stop, play and fastforward and fastbackward
      can anyone help me with this