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Will you help recomend a Motherboard setup

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  • Will you help recomend a Motherboard setup


    I am fairly new to this scene. I love all of the info that i have gotten from all of your helpfull posts. I would like to get some of you experts advice on which mother board i should use (I have searched this board and gotten a good start).

    My set up

    -I would like to mount the mini pc in glove box (probably need an Mini - ITX)
    -I will add a laptop battery
    -I will be adding a DVD/CD slim slot
    -I have a 7" vga touchscreen
    -I would like the most expandability (CF/IR/USB2/FireWire)
    -There will be no cd head unit.
    -I will add an amp which will power the speakers/subwoofers
    -I would like to add a GPS eventually
    -I would like to add an FM/AM (if possible) eventually (i only really need FM)
    -I am unsure about adding a Tank circuit and a shutdown controller
    -I will probably be running windows xp or 2000 (i will decide when the time comes)
    -A Main concern is video and audio quality (i dont want to run into noise or feedback problems)
    -Another main concern is startup speed

    So i took a good first step in researching all of the parts necessary. I know where i am going to mount the PC (glove box). I just need a motherboard that accomodate all of these things. I looked at (very helpful) but cant decide on a board. I have also read quite a few posts of people having different problems with sound feedback and such.

    Please help

    -Jesus- King of Kings Lord of Lords