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$69 12 channel GPS receiver - anyone tried this one?

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  • $69 12 channel GPS receiver - anyone tried this one?

    Timeline has a rockwell-based 12 channel for $69. I already have a Rand McNally, but thought I would post for anyone interested. Please let me know if this is the right place to post this (I figure it is since I am not selling it). Here are the specs:

    Rockwell "Jupiter" GPS Receiver
    Miniature (2.75" z 1.5" x .25") 12 channel receiver engine. Supports NMEA 0183 and binary protocols.
    Supports DGPS input in both protocols.
    Compatible with active and passive antennas.
    "Keep-Alive" reduces power capability.
    Standard 2mm 2x10 interface connector.
    Complete manual and interface documentation available.
    Compatible with most laptop software using NMEA interface.
    Suitable for wide rande of GPS applications including:

    Handheld GPS
    Automotive/ Marine/ Aviation Applications
    Amateur APRS and Packet

    GPS Receiver