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Ok,I'm gonna try The inverter but...?

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  • Ok,I'm gonna try The inverter but...?

    Ok it looks like i'm gonna get a 300W inverter for cheap,so I'll give it a try.
    But here in South africa we Use 220V, now I know a comper only need 150V to run bit I don't see any 220/150Volt swich on my computer's power supply,Does it need a swich or will it work if i plug a 150 V in ...?


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    If your computer's power supply is made for 220 volts, you may have a problem. You very well may fry the PS or something. If you need a 120 volt PS, try . I have bought from them multiple times - always quality stuff, shipped within a few days.


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      make sure that your computer power supply support 110v and your power inverter output 110v ~ 115v

      as far as i know, If your pc power supply only support 220v, when you plug 110v into this baby, the computer just don't run at all

      and in vice versa, if your pc power supply only support 110v and you plug in 220v, then your pc will flame up.

      if your household electricity run at 220v and you directly plug your pc into the wall outlet, I would say you have 220v power supply for your pc. If you not directly plug in to the wall outlet instead you plug your pc into something call transformer that convert 220 to 110v then your pc run at 110v

      good luck...
      make sure you check your power inverter voltage output to see it compatible with your power supply before plug them in.


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        Just a reminder ... most, but no all power supplies has a 110/220 v switch ...