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other small mobo besides mini-itx

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  • other small mobo besides mini-itx

    i was wonder what motherboards everybody is running. i am looking for a new smaller one.

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      MicroATX and FlexATX are not that big compare to MiniATX
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        i looked up microatx on ebay and saw 100s. are all of them small


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          It is funny you should be asking this question I jsut was about to start my own thread, when I saw your rather timely question.

          I think I have found some of the smallest mobo's in existance. The PC 104 are something like 2 inch square. most of these are not for the novices but if you have no space, you have no space.

          They are all made for embeded devices. I found them while reaserching wearable computers(why stop interacting with my mobile assistent just cuz I am out of the car, right?)

          3.5" Mobo's(many fanless):

          many diffrent embeded products:

          and this has to be the smallest intel mobo I have ever seen:

          There are 2 big downsides to these boards as I see them:
          1) expensive as hell
          2) many are slow (under 500mHz)

          but there did seem to be some that were cheap and some that were faster ( I can't remember if there was any over lap)
          for more embedded motherboard

          I hope this helps


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            how good and smale do u think this mobo is


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              Originally posted by mike86ttype
              how good and smale do u think this mobo is
              i have that board it is niether good or small!


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                Originally posted by Belvider
                i have that board it is niether good or small!
                DO NOT get a book PC motherboard for a car...might be so so for inside...BUT NOT for a car!

                shuttle fv25 is good. I have that with a 1.3 celeron, and it smokes for winamp movies and can get it all for a bout 150 and its not that much bigger that the epia


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                  hey, i have a bookPC and it works just fine!

                  but i have the whole bookpc
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                    haven't tried it or read much about it but ecs makes a small p4 board similar to miniitx size, or perhaps the exact same size. it comes as a barebones with a case and psu and called the u-buddie. there are several models but the newest can take celerons or p4s i believe. i'm really surprised no one has discussed these before. i've seen them go for $150 or so shipped, which isn't too bad for all that you get.

                    don't remember where, might find them.