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Some mod pics of Remote and D Link radio

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  • Some mod pics of Remote and D Link radio

    Here are a few of my "projects". The creative remote is unmodded, but the reciever has been decased, desized and shrink wrapped. The "eye" was removed and is now securely mounted in a better remote place, and the serial connector and jumper to com2 was melded into one. So now, it plugs onto the board, and resides in a crevice of the motherboard, and only the eye is seen. And yes, I have tested it, works great...com2, no problems there as others seem to have. Guess I got a good one

    The D link tuner was also decased, and put inside a metal box, shielded and grounded inside, and shrink wrapped in clear. Also, I removed the RCA and installed a Motorola style connector from an old tuner. By the way in one of the pics I show that the center post is the antenna...this has come up for discussion before, but i think the proof is in the pudding (or picture as the case may be) And it works flawlessy too. In fact, comparing the unit with the stock antenna to how it sits now, with no antenna at all, it is actually better now. Weird!

    Thanks for everyones help!

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    2005 Ford Focus ST

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    Nice thought to add pictures but you should atleast include decent size decent quality pics.

    Nice job
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      Sorry...just webcam pics for now.


      I am being stealth so you cant see how I did it

      lol. I will take some better ones when I borrow a digital camera.

      2005 Ford Focus ST