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Forgot how to get rid of buzz??? how???

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  • Forgot how to get rid of buzz??? how???

    I thought i read somewher a while back about it.. anyways, computer is atx, running on a 140watt inverter, power supply is grounded to car chassis, using goldplated rca cable from rear to front, above doors to minimize interference, and to my aiwa cdcx407, but i still get a buzz at about half volume (level 40 for my stereo)... the aiwa has line level volume though, so i can set that to -4 volume and turn up master volume and it goes a bit louder without buzz (level 48)... that barely makes up for lowering line level volume though... so both are near same volume... how can i get rid of the buzz?? Do i have to get a dc-dc inverter instead?... And yes the ground works because when its not connected the buzz is extremely loud...

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    I think you have to ground everything, power supply, inverter, case etc..


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      Consider installing a ground loop isolator. About $10-15 US at Radio Shack or other electronics store. Sometimes works, sometimes not. I still had engine noise (more whine than buzz) after doing all grounding. Installed the isolator and all noise gone. Most stores will let you take it back if it doesn't work.

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        Having the same problem. I have the power and ground running from the power and ground of the head unit to the back of the jeep. I have the power supply grounded to the same ground. My mobo is in a plastic case so where would I ground it. I am not using the system due to the hum/buzz. I am also getting a little engine noise but I think a noise filter should solve that. My next step, uless someone has a better solution, is to run a ground wire from the bat. and ground everything from that, head unit, inverter, power supply, mobo??
        Anyone have a better idea.....

        I saw the gound loop thing at radio shack and it has RCA jacks. The back shows how to hook it up between head unit and an amp. How do you have it hooked up Kevin?

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          this is my suggestion

          get the ground isolator from radio shack. this will cutdown a lot of your noise .. also ground all of your case, power supply motherboard, to same the same ground. then if there is still noise, get some capacitor and add it into your power line to trim down the noise


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            Capacitators dont lower noise, they provide protection against surges in voltage. Im gonna try to ground the sound card with a small ground wire and see if that works.. if not ill probably cut off that little rectangle inside the powersupply that sproggy tells everyone to cut off.
            .. and my computer is in a wood case so cant ground case itself, but power supply is grounded, gonna try to ground sound card by that little screw that holds them metal mounting brackets on.......

            99 ram 5.9 turbo
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              If your computer is in a wooden case, are the points where the mobo mounts grounded? I mean the standard screws that you would mount with those brass spacer screws.. Might help as well.
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                just built your self a lowpass filter


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                  OK all, lets define some noise terms.
                  A Ground Loop occurs when you use two different grounding points, and there is a slight variation in the voltage between them (Ground does not necessarily mean 0 Volts). A ground loop usually manifests as a hum or whine. The ground loop remover from Radio Shack is an isolation transformer, which is not always the best solution. Whenever possible, all audio system grounds should be tied together, with the wires in a star configuration.
                  Buzz is usually some sort of RFI (radio frequency interference). Inverters are notorious for emitting RFI, which usually results in a loud, nasty buzz in the audio. This is because all wires are also antennas, and will receive the RFI, passing it onto the amplifiers and eventually the speakers.
                  In my own (temporary) installation, I use my laptop with an inverter (Sony does not make 12V adapters! ), and I attach a ground wire to any one of the stud posts on the connection panel. It works beautifully


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                    Weirdly enough, i found a fix for my noise problems. A pig-tail. You know, the thing that converts a 3 prong cable into a 2 pronger. After i used that and plugged it into my inverter, everything worked fine. Try it!
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                      Razor, i was just thinkin of using one cause one is oddly enough sitting on top of my monitor .. was gonna try that then connect the ground on that to car chassis.. that way the power supply isnt being grounded by the inverter, but by the car chassis... Mm anyways have to wait for my inverter to get back (shipped it to Kent, WA yesterday for replacement -statpower, portawattz 140-).. and shipped it priority, i live about 150 miles away, so it should be there today... im not sure if theyll take it back cause i cut the ac plug off and the label peeled off (still has serial number though...) anyways one of the ladys there said to ship it back for replacement.. so thats what i did.. and gave me a number to call to check on status... so i better have it within 2 weeks dangit.

                      O ya, anyone here have to use a stiffening capacitator (.5 farad or 1 farad) to keep computer runnning?? Mine shuts down all the time when car is running from the engine fans kicking on.. stiffening capacitators are suppse to store energy for when things like that happen.. and some guys at forum suggested i get one-- theyre commonly used in audio systems to keep headlights from dimming and stuff.. (1 farad keeps constant 1000watts)... Anyways i just bought a used one from a guy in the classifieds there.. gonna try it once it arrives and see if that solves the problem.

                      Darnit post is getting long again..

                      ok one last thing, anyone else have problems with IRMAN?? For some reason when i have it hooked up in my house (mp3comp and irman), it all seems to work fine, but then i take it out to car it sortof dont respond... A couple buttons on my remote (forward and back) dont want to work anymore, and then the button i assigned for 0 dont work too good.. to go to song 1084 takes me about 5 or 6 trys on the remote... pushing each button throughly... timeout is set to 2 sec's if it matters, and com2....


                      (sorry for long post but i cant stop typing
                      99 ram 5.9 turbo
                      P4 2.0, MicroATX, Audigy2nx, Monster Cable / Alpine.
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                        Im using an inverter and I convieniently have a bolt sticking up under the pack seat where the pc is, I connected a ground wire from the case to this bolt, which is grounded to the chassis, and lost all buzz completely.
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