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    Hey guys,
    I had my car mp3 computer working great in an extra mini tower case i had. It consisted of an atx micro motherboard with on board sound, video and i had a 2.1 gig hd hooked up as well as a cdrom.

    The problems started when i tried to get winamp to stat as my shell. After i changed the win.ini and sys.ini files to reflect this change i could no longer operate windows normally. I would get an error message saying that windows couldnt be started because the path to my winamp directory was not found or invalid or some such ****.

    That wouldnt be a big deal as it was but when i tried to shut off the computer to run the bios setup in order to boot my cdrom so i could reinstall windows something happened with my power supply. I could no longer get my system to boot up. The fan on the ps wouldnt even move. SO i got another atx ps and now when i send the on command through my motherboard the ps fires up and the hd makes some noise like it is scanning but thats it. the monitor doesnt turn on and i cant enter bios or anything. i am perplexed. i tried adding another video card tha i am sure works, i also swapped another hd i am sure works and i got nothing. I tried the processor too and that didnt do anything. Now the only two solutions i can think of is to replace the ram which i dont think will help the situation or the possibility that i have a bad mother board.

    now that you know my entire life story my questions are these:

    if i can still turn on my ps through my atx motherboard, is it still possible that my motherboard is bad??

    Also, from the description i provided can anyone think of a solution to my problem?

    Any help would be deeply appreciated as i have been strugling with this topic for a week now and iam getting frustrated.

    Thanks guys

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    Try resitting or replacing the memory.
    If your memory is bad or somehow the SIMMs
    moved while you were working on the MB then you get exactly what you are describing, ie no video screen etc.
    If that's not the case, then try a different
    ATX PS. Some manufacturers like Dell and Gateway use their own wiring schemes. A PS from a Dell may not work on a Gateway and vice-versa.
    Look at the wires on your original PS and compare them with the replacement PS. Then read the labels to see the output voltages.
    The color codes and voltages should match.



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      It could also be your CPU...we had a bunch of IBM P2s at work that would turn on, spin up the drives, and the hd and power leds would stay on, but nothing else. turned out the the the cpus had come one out the slot in shipping.


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        This could be a number of things... memory, bad CPU, etc.

        Just because the ATX turns on from the MB doesn't mean the MB is good or bad. The ATX supplies a constant +5V to the MB and there is a small circuit used to toggle the PSU on and off from a momentary pushbutton. This circuit may still be good and the rest of the board dead.

        I've had problems similar to this that got solved simply by taking out the RAM and re-seating it. Another thing you could try is resetting the CMOS memory by removing the battery if it's a lithium button cell or else shorting the "clear CMOS" jumper.

        If you still can't get it to work, try a different CPU or RAM -- I've had RAM die on me for no apparent reason before too. On one of my test systems, the PC would boot fine and Windows would act funny and give strange "VFAT" errors and turned out to be just bad RAM.

        You could always return the motherboard if it's still returnable; FRY's is very easy about this; even after the 30 days they will usually let you at least exchange the product.

        Don't give up yet, just keep messing with it and I'm sure it will come back to life again. If not, ATX boards are getting cheaper every day -- if your board is bad you can buy a new one and use the same RAM and CPU on it, or vice-versa if the board is fine and it's the CPU or RAM.

        Jason Johnson
        Yorba Linda, California

        MPC Phase IV - *** PENDING ***


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          It also could be that your BIOS is toast. If you turn on the power supply and it powers up and everything but doesn't show video or anything else you probally fried your BIOS. If that happened your out of luck and have to get a new board. Just a thought. Not really sure.

          - Zp3


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            I think your problem its from the supply or its your Bios , try to replace the chip of your bios and add a new one chip or erase the data of the old chip and rewrite the new info , some technichians have chip recorders