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    I finally got my computer to run in my car ...and to transfer sound to my approx. 2 years old headunit( has no input rca's) i decided to go the easy way for starters and bough a "tape thingy" that allows you to get audio input via the cassette part.

    What i hadnt thought of, or remeber seing here, is the tiny detail that my headunit is "inteligent" when it comes to cassettes ... i.e. it flips sides it self, skips blank areas and let you skip numbers.

    unfortunately the headunit think that it has to change the direction when using the "tape thingy", and will contiue to do so 4 times until it assumes that there is a fault on the tape and stop trying ....

    So think of this when you are searching for a solution of audio inputs.

    I will be calling the manufacturer and ask them for advice, but expect they will advice me to buy a new head unit

    headunit brand is Kenwood, model 657

    So be aware

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    Actually I would not be surprised that if you bought a different type of tape adapter you might get it to work... I had been using a Sony adapter for quite some time on another car, before it decided to quit reading (just specifically!) Sony adapters (I had tried my friend's as well). With the car I am using now, the Sony adapter (which still didn't work on the other car) DID on this one, but only for about 2 weeks. So, I stopped by the local Kmart here and bought a very cheap ($9 vs. Sony's $20) Panasonic tape adapter, and it works perfectly now! Only going on a week, however ... so am keeping my fingers crossed. Basically, though, I tend to believe that it's the tape adapter more than the unit that causes this problem, unless I just have very bad luck (in having two units that don't read Sony tape adapters well).


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      Hm, have just been talking with Kenwood, they say that they have not had any problems of this kind with their adapter ( which i didn know they make ) and recommended that i use theirs

      They did however tell me one thing that i might fiddle a bit with, namely the height of the adapter may me to low or more likely to high, so the "tone heads" (dunno what these are called in english) dont sit exactly opposit of each other


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        OK... I had a sony adapter with a stock ford head and had the same probolem.. Solution? Open up the adapter and empty it out! Take out the spool, gears and rubber connection wire! Its all pretty useless!